All eyes in the fashion world were watching when US bargain brand Target announced its plans to collaborate with high end fashion designer Missoni for a capsule collection. Launched on 13 September 2011 across its 1750 stores and available online to a worldwide audience the Missoni Home Collection was made available until either stocks had depleted or until the closing date of 22 October.

Whilst in the UK similar plans might have been met with surprise (imagine Roberto Cavalli in Primark for just a second!) there have been many successful designer-meets-high-street collections; Kate Moss for Topshop and Pearl Lowe for Peacocks in the UK alone. Allow, too, for the fact that Target does have experience in these fields with its Go International concept featuring collections from Anna Sui and McQ by Alexander McQueen among others.

This previous form together with successful collaborations with Gwen Stefani and Jean Paul Gaultier made them ideal partners for the Missoni Home brand and offered Missoni a unique opportunity – to be accessible for the average shopper without compromising on the quality and defining characteristics that Missoni Home offers to its clients.

When announcing the planned meeting of minds, Target used the rather unusual but achingly hip Twitter method by tweeting “Three words: Missoni for Target. Yes, yes. You did read it right – this September” before directing followers to for a full article. Missoni Creative Director Angela Missoni took the slightly more conventional route, telling Vogue in the same article “It’s been a fantastic experience … one we are eager to share with families across the United States”

The news was met by industry experts, fashion commenters and celebrity bloggers with frenzied enthusiasm and momentum began to build over the four month waiting period from announcement to launch.
Although Target had much in the way of experience with design houses and couture ranges, the main element which would set the Missoni collection apart from its predecessors was the inclusion of the Missoni Home selection on a much wider scale than any previous campaigns.

As more details about the 400 items that would comprise the Missoni for Target collection emerged and were leaked, excitement among the fashion fraternity grew with snippets of information and photographs being uploaded to insider sites until the premiere of the actual collection in August.

The collection was comprised of home and apparel wear with the prices more suited to Target’s usual market than Missoni might normally be. Featuring clothing for men, women, children and babies along with personal accessories such as hats and scarves, the fashion line might have whetted the appetite but it was the Missoni for Target selection that caused the most excitement from preview to sales room.

As might be expected, the Missoni Home collection was beautifully styled in the stunning forms that Missoni Home customers have come to expect. The Missoni for Target collection was made up of many household items from textiles and soft furnishings to kitchen and dinner wear along with accessories such as picture frames, vases and stationery. And with prices starting at $3.99 for a single plate or $30 for textiles and bedding, there was no doubt that the new Missoni Home products would be both successful and sought after.

For its part in the collection, Missoni Home received positive reviews from consumers and industry insiders and the Missoni Home and ready to wear items were snatched up and sold out far more quickly than expected.

On the part of Target, however, there have been criticisms with complaints received on the number of Missoni Home items which were allowed to each customer with others missing out, poor stock control with shelves not being replenished and Target’s website being unable to cope with the online demand for Missoni Home products.

Missoni, which received high praise for the collection that it produced, has benefitted hugely from the Missoni for Target range with customers who might not normally consider Missoni Home items now wanting them more than ever.

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October 7th, 2011

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