Mirrors are items that we all rely on everyday. For dressing, grooming and preparing how we look, the use of mirrors is an essential. But going beyond the functional use of them, how can we apply the look and design of mirrors in a distinctive way around the home?

The answer is in a variety of different ways. The design team at By Lassen certainly recognise this. Their latest View Mirror brings out the classic shape and style that has proved to be so popular alongside a resilient and long lasting lacquered aluminium craftmanship and production.

Available in three colours of black, white and grey, the mirror is a distinctive style statement. Ideal for bedrooms, hallways and any other interior in need of a new reflective dimension, the View Mirror is just the thing for a fresh new look. The mirror is also available with a brass border, detailing further just how adaptable the item can be.

Another original design for home mirrors is provide by Zone Denmark with the Magnifying Table Mirror. The distinctive looking glass is ideal for a desk or dresser, and brings a stunning look of elegance to anywhere it is deployed.

The mirror can be tilted from the standard mirror to the opposite side which is a triple magnified glass. This valuable addition to the usual scope of a table mirror shows just how practical the product can be. With a modern and streamlined aesthetic, the mirror will present a unique contemporary style wherever used.

The Mira Mirror from Umbra provides a naturalistic look for any room. Making full use of its gorgeous natural wooden frame, the circular mirror brings a homely and comfortable style to the home. Easy to fix and mount onto any wall, the mirror will soon prove to be a valuable addition to the interior.

With so much choice it’s not always easy to choose which style of mirror to go for. But with a look around your rooms taking in the current style, colour coordination and the finish, it is possible to find exactly what you need.

For above all else, the mirrors are often key to bringing a room’s design firmly into focus. Go through the looking glass, and find the perfect complement to your home’s style!

February 11th, 2019

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