Milan is a city known throughout the world for its distinctive style and flair. An exuberant commitment to beautiful things is all part of the place’s essential make up. The fragrance experts Millefiori Milano is a proud part of this tradition and know only too well the kind of reputation that their city holds. Proof positive that the region’s industry is not limited to only fashion and textiles, the company have been creating mesmerising scents and fragrances since the early 1990’s.

After starting off as a high-end candle manufacturer, Millefiori soon began to specialise in room diffusers and fragrances. Today, it creates a wide range of products specifically designed to fill every corner of homes and buildings with creative and luxurious scents and smells.

Take the traditional scented candle for example. These superbly imagined sources of light also give out beautifully realised aromas of distinction and subtle clarity. The full Natural Fragrances range of candles in a jar includes Mela and Canella, Fresh Lavender, Sandalwood, Lemongrass as well as many others. The full collection of scents numbers seventeen, meaning everyone is sure to find their favourite!


With such a rich variety of flavours and scents on offer it is easy to become entranced with the full range available. In this case, sometimes a concentration on the classics is a sensible course of action. The reed diffusers certainly fall into this category, with a beautifully crafted assortment of textured scents capable of transforming interiors through their use. Easy to apply and capable of lasting for many days enjoyment, the balsa sticks used in the package have been created to take soak up the scented oil and provide alluring scents and smells.



The latest line from Millefiori is the brand Lampair. Products within this range of catalytic lamps have been specifically designed to purify the air around before steadily perfuming it, making it possible to have a clean and beautifully fragranced interior. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, the line has been designed according to the company’s strongly held ideas about style and finesse. Above all else, the scent and sense of luxury is paramount to Millefiori’s vision, and it is this imagination and creativity that have inspired new invention and ideas.

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February 24th, 2016

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