Maps can hold an endless fascination for those of us who have a love of geography and travel. The wonder of examining different lands and decoding the measurements and symbols present in geometry and symbology is a joy that doesn’t ever really diminish for cartophiles across the globe.

They should therefore find plenty to celebrate in these quilted maps from Emily Fischer’s Haptic Lab company. The ‘soft maps’ are quilted representations of various cities and regions produced onto duvets and mats.

“Haptic” refers to the sense of touch and the Brooklyn based Fischer developed an interest in the subject back in 2002 when her mother developed glaucoma.  Fischer creates these marvellous pieces in order to represent maps through the sense of touch for those without the best of eyesight. The rest of us can simply marvel at the intricate sensory detail.

For more on Haptic Lab.

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May 14th, 2013

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