Coffee is one of those things that many of us look forward to and enjoy throughout the day. Indeed, for many of us it’s not so much of a luxury, more of a necessity! However, we can all agree that anything that can heighten the caffeinated experience is well worth a look.

The designers at Barista & Co certainly share this feeling. They have recently released their range of expertly crafted coffee preparing equipment for anyone eager to perfect the ideal cup at home.

Forgoing the need for sophisticated technology, Barista & Co have instead chosen to go the traditional route with a collection of plunging coffee pots, framed cups, milk frother and  measuring spoons and cocoa spoons and stencils. Available now at Dotmaison, the products can really help out everyone looking to get back to the basics of coffee making in style and class…




The 8 cup coffee pot  (above) features a wonderful combination of stainless steel and heat resistant glass. Available in electric gold, copper and gunmetal, the plunger coffee pot is based on a traditional French cafetiere and is able to hold up to 1 litre of coffee. Capable of creating a delicate smooth coffee, the pot benefits from a fine filter produced to the highest specifications.  This would make a fine gift for any coffee lover and would soon take pride of place in any busy kitchen!



For those who like their coffee as a latte or a cappuccino, Barrista & Co’s Milk Frother is just the thing. Simply fill up with milk to the line and then use the pump to double the amount. It can then be heated in a microwave for just 20 seconds ready to be foamed up.This can then be added as the ideal accompaniment to a latte, cappucino or hot chocolate. All of the Barrista & Co products make use of borosilicate heat-resistant glass which guarantees safe heating and optimal performance. Easy to clean and maintain, this is another way of maximising a coffee moment.


The range also includes these delightful metal framed cups. Allowing the ideal coffee drinking experience, the cups certainly help to portray a serious and minimalist take on coffee. With a stainless steel handle and using the heat resistant glass that the designers have used throughout this range, these are a classic way to enjoy a coffee.


February 13th, 2017

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