More than anywhere else in the home, the bathroom is a place that tends to get used a lot for short periods of time throughout the day. Unless it’s time for a long and relaxing bath, the room is a space for quick visits. For that reason, sometimes it can get a little overlooked. Worn down accessories, bad lighting, and badly fitted tiles all have an effect on the overall look of the bathroom, and the home as a whole.

The practical solution to these sorts of problem is to spend a little more time in the room itself. By checking out exactly what needs replacing or improving, you can quickly ascertain what needs to be done without too much work. It also opens up a world of luxury designs that are able to bring a new look to the space.

Every day to day items could benefit from a designer outlook. Take the Solo Soap Dispenser, Grey by Zone Denmark (above), for example. The dispenser is a lovely way to bring some added class to the bathroom. The soft-touch porcelain plastic, and easy to use system of distribution, makes using liquid soap an easy and relaxed process. This is just one way to improve a bathroom using luxury designs. Here are three more:

The Duo Glass Bath Shelf by Blomus (above) is a great example of solid organisation and the effective planning of storage space and shelving. The bathroom shelf is ideal for any modern bathroom, with a smart and distinctive look highlighted through the use of frosted glass and durable stainless steel. Capable of mounting directly onto the bathroom wall, the shelf is a fantastic way to keep things clear and well ordered.


The Duo Towel Rail, Matt by Blomus offers a stylish and convenient method of hanging and organising towels in the bathroom. The rail has been practically designed and produced, allowing a simple way of keeping towels to hand in a stylish, but not ostentatious way. The simple item is easy to install, and is capable of providing the security of stopping towels and clothes from getting creased or damp. One less thing to worry about while a shower or bath is enjoyed!


The Zone Denmark Bathroom Set, Marble Structure is another fantastic way to keep a bathroom stylishly organised. Bring together the easily refillable soap dispenser seen earlier, plus a matching toothbrush mug, the set confirms the opinion that when it comes to bathrooms, simplicity plus luxurious design is a winning formula.

March 28th, 2018

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