The bedroom is one of the areas of the home where style and elegance has a direct relationship with our sleep. Our dreams, rest and overall health can be soothed and moderated by good choices in bedding. After all, it’s always relaxing and comfortable to experience high quality fabrics and materials in bed-linen and covers – even better when the design of such items is stylish, graceful and pleasing to the eye…

A design team that has always had fine ideas of cultivated style at the centre of its production output is Alexandre Turpault. The French company formed in 1847 and has maintained an excellent formulation of fresh ideas and an inspired balance between tradition and modernity.


Above: Alexandre Turpault Verdure bedding

Elegance and comfort are top of the list for most of us when choosing a new bedding collection and the Alexandre Turpault range brings these qualities out in full. Making full use of the softest materials and the lightest and most gentle of fabrics, the bedding range of duvet covers, pillowcases and fitted sheets provide a classic creative look to the bedroom.


The Alexandre Turpault Pavane bedding set is another popular range of designer bedroom items. Utilising a fresh and romantic floral design with warm pinks and delicate pale hues, the collection takes in falling leaves and pomegranate fruits as an inspiring design pattern. Created from 100 % Cotton Sateen, the combination of duvet cover and matching pillowcases are ideal for dreams of warm nature and romantic wonder!


With a wealth of knowledge and experience going all the way back to its formation in the 19th Century, Alexandre Turpault brings a superb knowledge and experience of textile design and production. These skills and knowledge have served the company well, allowing it to trade at the top of the luxury goods market in France and the rest of the world for over 150 years. Today, it continues to develop new ideas and themes while remaining true to the ingenuity and dedication to quality that have always been at the heart of the company.

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June 15th, 2016

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