As we’re now officially in the Autumn months and the nights are starting to draw in (although the clocks in the UK don’t go back until Sunday Oct 30) we thought it’d be a great idea to check out the latest selections of luxury bedding collections here at Dotmaison. Most of us don’t need an excuse to stay a little longer in bed, but when you have the most comfortable and sought after designs and products enriching the bedroom, the temptation becomes just that bit more clear…

The beautiful blaze bedding from Zandra Rhodes (above) is certainly a bedding set ideal for spending some quality time with. Consisting of premium quality duvet cover and pillowcases, the collection is sure to appeal to those who enjoy the lighter side of life. The extravagant floral motif brings about a sense of possibility and optimistic refreshment – exactly what’s needed for an engaging and invigorating night’s sleep.


The alluring romantic luxury of the dreamy Aimee bedding set from Holly Willoughby is another option for those keen on peaceful and relaxing nights in bed. The combination of pure elegance and masterfully created vintage style pillowcases and covers can help create a wonderfully stylish look to any bedroom interior. Made from 100% cotton and featuring ornate lace design, this is one bedding set ideal for those eager to relax in the best of comfort.



The Enfleur Prairie bedding set by Yves Delorme provides a delicate feel of spring meadows and life-affirming richness. The collection of pillowcases and duvet covers showcase a beautiful watercolour touch that will bring about a fantastically sensual feel in the bedroom. Woven in superbly elegant 100% Cotton Sateen with a 300 thread count, the material gives off a wonderfully smooth and silky finish to the touch.



Another superb option for instilling a bit of extra glamour in the bedroom is the Modena Bedding by Calvin Klein. Featuring the charcoal grey on white tones of colour and a truly dramatic re-contextualizing of a damask pattern, the collection of duvet covers and pillowcases highlights style, prestige and refinement. Produced to a 300 thread count the 100% cotton sateen collection is more than capable of providing an extra level of class to the bedroom.


October 4th, 2016

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