Getting the right balance of lighting in the home is key to the whole process of interior design. Having a good combination of soft mood lighting where appropriate and more focused task lighting for specific rooms and activities all requires careful consideration.

It’s also a good idea to take notice of the latest LED technology. State of the art lighting systems now last far longer and use less power than older, outdated forms of light bulbs and fixtures.

For these reasons, and the essential fact that they make beautifully designed products , we love the lighting creations from Tala, available now at Dotmaison.

The UK company puts sustainability at the centre of its focus on practical solutions to the problems of climate change. By using LED bulbs and a constantly developing technology as its impetus, the brand has made great strides in bringing forth creatively imagined lighting products with an ecologically sound practice at its core.

New in to our collection of Tala creations is the Linear Ceiling Plate. This exceptional product combines the latest LED lighting technology with a smooth and streamlined design. Ideal for a setting up a dynamic new source of illumination in the home, the plate allows up to four Tala ceiling pendants to be hung from the plate.

The pendants can then be matched with Tala LED light bulbs such as the Enno LED Bulb, 6W (above) and the Oblo LED Bulb.

The Enno LED Bulb is made from porcelain and creates a soft offering of light perfect for any room. When hung from a pendant fitted to the Linear Ceiling Plate, a calming source of light is produced. With an environmentally friendly LED filament, the product is ideal for combining gorgeous style and a more sustainable form of energy and power.

Also new in to Dotmaison is the Voronoi Ceiling Plate by Tala. Offering the capacity to hang up to three Voronoi bulbs, the plate is easy to set up and bring a powerful sense of natural illumination with its design directly inspired by natural elements. The sharp geometry and clean lines involved in the look and style will help to make a wonderfully soothing style in any room.

When paired with the Voronoi bulbs I and II (above), the plate is another fantastic demonstration of the distinctive and creative force that Tala is lending to sustainable and ecological lighting options. The company is clearly one with the right kind of ideas, both for the home and the future!

February 26th, 2019

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