Seletti is a company well known for coming up with show stopping ideas for lighting. Focusing on dynamic styles and technologically superior function, the Italian brand has carved out a niche for itself that includes unique and idiosyncratic designs for all across the home.

Seletti’s latest development in lighting products is now available here at Dotmaison, and we’re more than excited to showcase it here.

The series of lamps takes the form of a curious black bird inspecting the various elements of the light. The playful raven brings an impressive look to the important business of interior illumination. With the connection being artfully made between light and flight, the series offers an inspiring take on lighting up various parts of the home.

Take the Bird Table Lamp, Playing Black. This pose is all about the almost mythical image of the black bird. Bringing a fun vision of a bird looking around using the light to guide its way, the lamp will make quite the statement wherever it is used.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the durable and expertly produced lamp bird has been crafted out of black resin. The lamp arrives complete with LED lightbulb, for the latest in lighting specifications. Bringing a romantic and striking look to any room, the lamp is perfect for creating a fantastic, and fantastical, mood around the home.

Another pose from our feathered friend is brilliantly captured in the Bird Table Lamp, Waiting Black. Here the bird is pensive; possibly awaiting a treat or listening out for a sound of movement in the trees.

All of the styles are crafted in the same form of toughened black resin, with the wire of the lamp held in place by the bird’s beak. A great way to provide some unique mystery and artistry to the home, the lamps also make beautiful gifts.

The final part of the series is the Bird Wall Lamp, Looking Right Back. As the name suggests, this piece is great for fixing to a wall, with the shape of the bird observing from its perch. The branch part of the lamp shape is realistically produced, and provides a perfect rendition of the raven looking down on whichever room you choose to place him in!

Perfect for adding a lively sense of movement and play, the whole series can be mixed, matched and combined to show off a real love of unique design and form. Great for changing the way you look at a room, and perceive its contents.

June 3rd, 2019

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