If you are working in a home office there are certain considerations that need to be taken care of. A good space for a desk is one, and another is a proper amount of illumination in order to do your work. There are some fantastic lamps and lighting products at Dotmaison designed to make working at a desk that much easier and brighter.

The Hobby Desk Lamp from Leitmotiv (above) is one such creation. Ideal for lighting up any area of the home including home office areas and bedside tables, the lamp is eminently suitable for brightening up any corner. Practically functioned to allow versatile positioning, the lamp benefits from a three spring held joint providing light to be directed wherever needed. The fully pivotal lamp – available in light grey, dark grey and black – offers a great addition to the home.

The E27 Table Lamp from Frama is another new arrival benefitting from a stylish look and design. When combined with the decorative Atelier range of bulbs, the lamp offers a highly desirable look to any table or desk. The pendant and cord style of the lamp is an original take on the table lamp and is sure to add an extra level of captivating style to the home.

Leitmotiv have a series of new table lamp items here at Dotmaison. One of these is the Mingle Table Lamp. Available in colours of light grey, white and dusty pink, the tripod design of the lamp radiates style and light. The smooth and cool look of the lamp creates a great effect wherever placed. The lamp has a cable length of 150cm, meaning a variety of different positions around the home can easily be tried out. A lovely light feature recalling a poised spotlight, the Mingle lamp bring practical style to the table.


Leitmotiv also offer the Lax Table Lamp in marble. This wonderful design allows a relaxing amount of light to emanate out of the glass casing. The craft of the product is clear to all when considering the assured make up of the product, with its gold painted base and subtle tones of colour providing an all-round elegance designed to bring an assured level of comfort. Exactly what is needed when getting on with the day’s work in composed style.

November 30th, 2017

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