Leff amsterdam Facet55 Grey Wall Clock

The Dutch design company Leff Amsterdam specialise in products that tell the time or light up their surroundings in an original or surprising way. They aim to make life that little bit more interesting. With outspoken objects brought to life by a team of internationally renowned designers who all strive to bring their own personal vision into reality, the group focuses on style, durability and personality.

Leff Amsterdam Wall Clocks

With a focus on time pieces with a quirky edge, the clocks of Leff Amsterdam have no problem in standing out from the crowd. With distributors all over the world, the company is a global concern, impressing followers of stylish homeware from Asia, Europe, the USA, Australia and everywhere in between. Products such as the Bold 35 and Bold 55 Index Wall Clocks really show off the design skills that lie behind the faces. With these and a huge range of equally superlative clocks that anyone would be proud to show off in their home, Leff Amsterdam are truly the design connoisseur’s┬áchoice.

Leff amsterdam Facet55 Grey Wall Clock

The company was founded by Arno Ruijzenaars at the start of 2011 and has quickly developed a loyal and dedicated following. With such stylish contemporary clock design and a commitment to reliability, durability and attention to detail this is not surprising – the clocks of Leff Amsterdam would grace any home. With a philosophy that aims to banish dull and boring design from the home, Leff Amsterdam bring a true sense of style and finesse to all their clocks and watches. If in any doubt about the quality and sheer verve of the company’s products just take a look at Dotmaison’s extensive range of Leff Amsterdam products. And remember, Leff is more!

Leff Amsterdam One35 Embossed Black Arabic Wall Clock

May 18th, 2012

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