Sometimes when the sun goes down you just want to keep on enjoying your evening. Luckily for those of us who like to stretch out the night for as long as possible, there is a whole world of attractive and efficient outdoor lighting features dedicated to night owls everywhere. At Dotmaison there is a splendid collection of outdoor lighting features perfect for keeping the brightness outside whatever time it is! You will able to illuminate your garden, patio, terrace or balcony with ease with any of the contemporary or traditionally styled items on show.


Aura lanterns

Outdoor lighting includes such a wide arena of styles and looks that you will be literally spoiled for choices. Items can range from the traditional and understated to the more avant-garde and eclectic. Take the delightfully modest aura lanterns (above) for example. These popular tea light housing lamps were originally designed for interior use but can create a unique homely look when used during fine weather.



The stunning FireGlobe Fireplace from Eva Solo provides an impressive cauldron of heat, flame and, of course, light. Perfect for long and balmy nights spent with friends in the great outdoors, the stunning fireplace is fashioned from black stainless steel sitting comfortably on a sturdy three legged base.  The pragmatic shape and design of the globe protects the flame from even the most breezy conditions, ensuring enough warmth and light for your party to feel perfectly happy throughout the evening.



The adaptable nature of the best in exterior lighting is exemplified by the Bella Vista garden lights by Seletti. Available in frosted glass, the lights are ideal for adding a touch of timeless elegance to your outdoors area. Featuring 10 LED lights drawn together on a tough black cord, the lights are able to create a beautiful display of stylish illumination. Suitable for use in all sorts of conditions, there is a water proof rubber support for setting up the lights exactly how you like.

Key to all of these items is the idea of the power of a light source, whether it be prominent and at the centre or discreet and auxiliary. Whatever your personal preference happens to be, you can rest assured there is  a style that can make the grade.

July 23rd, 2016

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