The fashion and design industry – some would say by its very nature – creates a terrific amount of waste product. Tons of perfectly usable material gets discarded every single day. In recognition of this fact, and being a practically minded sort of designer, Pepe Heykoop transforms the disused material in his Leather Loop series of stools.

Using remnants from furniture manufacturers, the Dutch designer created the eye catching stools and in the process gave the material a new, vivid lease of life. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes , the Leather Loop Stools represent a fun and conscious approach to design.

As well as recycling material in such a creative way, Heykoop has also entered into the world of charitable work by partnering with the Tiny Miracles Foundation to produce the stools. The foundation sends deprived children in Mumbai to school, while their parents are given jobs making the stools. An admirable project then, and one that creates great looking furniture!

Dotmaison currently has a fantastic designer item available in the shape of the Dutch Design Chair. In 9 different designs the chair/footstool/coffee table item is sure to be a hit however (and wherever) it is used! Check them out!

May 11th, 2012

Posted In: Eco Design

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