We all know what it’s like. A busy day at work and then getting the dinner ready. After dining, sometimes the last thing you want to do is the washing! However, we also know that it’s so much better when tackled straight away calmly and in a logical way. After all, kitchens are much more comfortable and easier to use when things are tidy and clearly organised. It isn’t always easy to keep everything under control when busy, but thankfully there is lots of stylish and modern help available. Products such as the above Dish Rack by Present Time are available at Dotmaison to provide all sort of assistance with storage, drying and generally helping out in the kitchen.

The above dish drainer tray by Zone Denmark presents an easy and comfortable way to dry dishes. The brilliantly bright tray includes ridges to help drain water off plates, dishes, cups and cutlery. The perfectly designed product allows the water to drain right through into the sink through the outer rim. With a strong and durable production, the tray is easy to clean and will add a hard working practicality to the kitchen.


The Joey Soap Dispenser with Scrubby by Umbra is another practical time and space saving device for the kitchen. The smooth curvature of the design allows it to fit seamlessly into the organisation of a kitchen. The  soap dispenser arrives ready prepared with a scrubbing utensil and has been designed specifically for ease of use.  Available in a range of different colours, the dispenser will look great in any kitchen.

The UDRY Drying Mat from Umbra is a great way to organise the drying of plates, dishes, and cutlery. Keeping everything firmly in place while essentials dry, the drying mat has been made from a microfiber base and absorbs excess water efficiently and practically.  More sanitary than simply drying kitchen equipment with a cloth, the drying mat is a great way to dry off everything you need in the kitchen.

As a way to keep on to of things in the home’s busiest room, these designs should be a great help!


January 17th, 2018

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