Staying on time isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Busy lives with lots of appointments and meetings, different times to get out and about and meet people… sometimes it all gets quite difficult! Thankfully there are a number of different ways to keep on time in perfect style. After all, clocks and alarm clocks have for a long while gone beyond purely being in the context of just an alarm device. They also need to offer a calming design and pleasant look. Whether it is in the bedroom waking you up for work, or in the living room as a guide to getting ready in the evening,the best designs of clocks have an important role in the modern home.

Here at Dotmaison we love a modern and cool looking alarm clock. The Block Alarm Clock by Leff Amsterdam  (above)  certainly falls into this category. Offering a solidly built outer shell with an interior face providing florescent arms on a black background, the alarm clock never allows its user to be unaware of exactly what time of day it is. The easy to use functionality lets the sleeper awake whenever they choose.


Created by Newgate Clocks, the Cubic Alarm Clock  provides a cool and contemporary way to set the alarm for the next morning. The mechanism of the clock is silent until the alarm goes off, so sleep remains undisturbed until the correct time. The modern style encompasses a smart look with clean numerals off set against a black background. A wonderfully compact and elegant method of staying on time.


The Graphic Wall Clock from Zone Denmark is a brightly attractive clock for any living space. The multi-coloured graphics provide an energetic look for living room, study or bedroom. Powered by a single AA battery, the clock is easily hung to the wall and will provide a beautifully fun way to tell exactly what time it is.


Flip Boxed Clock in Brushed Gold by Karlsson is a freestanding desk clock. The brushed gold steel frame of the clock adds solidity and sophisticated refinement, while the flip display includes clear and easy to read numbers displayed against a black background. All in all, the flip boxed clock goes well beyond what many would expect from simply a desk clock, bringing a fundamentally engaging and cutting-edge design to the home.

January 23rd, 2018

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