Making a home nice and comfortable often depends on space. Not exactly how much space, but how that space is used. This can quickly come down to making some all-important storage decisions and attempting to de-clutter interiors. This isn’t always easy, but luckily some top designer products can offer some assistance in the art of storage.


The gorgeous felt basket by Zone Denmark is one such item that can help optimise a storage solution in and around the home.  Beautifully fashioned and detailed, the basket comes complete with lid and is ideal for storing home and office items. A truly versatile way for keeping things well stored and ready to hand.


New in at Dotmaison, the Toolbox Tall from Eva Solo is a superb example of how to store things with care and precision. Perfectly suited in the home for storing cooking tools, artistic implements or office items, the toolbox offers versatility as one if its main outstanding features. Created from ceramic and including an oak handle that also doubles as a divider, the toolbox tall is easy to clean and maintain and will provide plenty of scope for tidy storage.




The Spacy ball by Wesco is a fantastic way of keeping foods fresh. Hygenic and visually striking in it sci-fi like pop art look, the ball is a metal sphere capable of accommodating fruits, coffee, sweets or indeed, anything that you may need to keep fresh. As a way of saving space and keeping things tidy, it is a lovely solution.



The cactus storage jar by Alessi is a fine piece of storage design. The jars, available in a variety of different sizes, provide sensible storage in a captivating cactus design. Fashioned from glass and stainless steel, the jars enable sound storage in an eye-catching style.

Storage made simple… and pretty too!

June 15th, 2017

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