Growing  plants, flowers and herbs indoors is, for a variety of reasons,  time well spent. Gardening of any sort, whether outdoors if you happen to have a garden or backyard or indoors if you don’t, offers a relaxing way to take out of day to day life and try something different. The plants themselves offer beauty, a sense of achievement and, in the case of herbs, an variety of extra ingredients for the kitchen. They are also really good for our health; having plants around the home has been shown to be of real value for relaxation and keeping healthy. Plants of all types naturally minimise humidity levels and air temperatures, and keep air hydrated to a good level. They have also been found to keep dust and pollutant levels down, acting as a first defense against all sorts of unseen factors blowing around.

Finding stylish ways to keep plants indoors is not always the easiest, especially when you want your interiors to look smart and not like a tool shed! Thankfully though, there are a good deal of options. Here at Dotmaison we love to pay attention how best to house plants indoors. A product such as the Nesta White Speckle Planter by Umbra (above) allows plants to be hung or placed around the home using a clever base and frame. The attractive speckled ceramic bowl provides a visible attractive way to showcase gardening adventures indoors.


Another sophisticated method of display is offered by the Greenhouse on Stand with Glass Dome by Sagaform. Capable of making the best environment for growing cuttings and herbs, the glass dome protects plants in their early stages. Once they begin to get a little stronger it can be removed to allow even more space. Created from stoneware and glass, the Greenhouse will look fantastic in any room of the home, and is brilliant for getting the best out of plant cultivation.

The Plant Holders by Ferm Living act as a masterclass in how to house plants indoors. Made from an anti-rust treated metal, the holders are sure to offer a long life in keeping plants secure and healthy. The holders work brilliantly in holding the Ferm Living’s hexagonal pots and are a stylish and sensible answer to keeping interior plans.

Eva Solo’s self-watering pot makes growing plants indoors even easier. The design of the pot acts as an extra root, meaning that the plant can easily use any water that is in the pot’s base. This sensible and ingenious system means correctly planted herbs and plants will always be able to get enough water, allowing them to grow healthy and strong.

February 28th, 2018

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