South Korean designer Jiwooong Jung has a very good habit of creating enticing fluid objects that tread the line beautifully between function and beauty. These two lamps – Gyogam and Zigzag – are perfect example of his strong approach to form and style.

The larger of the two designs, Gyogam is a floor standing lamp strongly reminiscent of electrical towers and hi-fi speakers. Instead of music however, light pours forth from its two dome-like heads.

The Zigzag is the ceiling mounted version of Gyogam and shares the same smooth and sleek finish of its larger twin. As a wonderfully original take on the essentials of lighting Gyogam & Zigzag are a superb creation.

You can find out more about Jiwoong Jung’s work at his website.

Dotmaison have an amazing range of lights and lamps which can be found at the site. With designs from Leitmotiv, Le Klint and Fontana Arte and many more, you are sure to find it illuminating!

April 13th, 2012

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