I know this is slightly off the usual Dotmaison topic but this is an example fantastic inovation and design, as soon as I saw it I knew I had to write about it! Researchers and designers over recent years have increasingly toyed with ways to harvest kinetic energy in an effort to capture power which ordinarily would have gone to waste.

Energy harvesting dancefloors that power DJ booths and gyms that power their own lights from exercise bikes are just a couple examples of this. These systems use piezoelectric technology, a solution that generates energy from pressure, stress, vibration and repeated motion on a particular surface.

The latest in the piezoelectric energy movement comes from an Israeli group called Innowattech. The company recently released a technology that includes the installation of piezoelectric pads along railroad tracks to generate electricity as trains pass. While the company has already used such pads on highways, their new “IPEG pads” for railways are much higher in capacity. Innowattech’s vision is to capture energy from roads, railways and runways and feed the generated electricity into the local grid.

January 26th, 2011

Posted In: Eco Design