Lighting is an integral part of every interior’s design package. After all, without sufficient directed illumination, a home space would be a pretty gloomy space indeed. While there’s no doubt that the precision power of lighting is the primary purpose of lights and lamps, the design also plays an important part.

The Italian company Seletti are constantly coming up with new ways to shine a light on a space in really unique ways. The latest products available at Dotmaison now are no exception, and truly bring out a fun and original vision for the day to day task of lighting.

The Mouse Lamps by Seletti are a charming way to brighten up any room. Available in the various postures of Mouse Lamp, Standing , Mouse Lamp, Lie Down, and Mouse Lamp, Sitting, the lamps provide a display quite unlike anything else.  The lamps, crafted from resin, bring a humorous design inspired by the natural world and provide a lovely way to light up an interior. Each of the mice looks great on their own, or they could team up to form a group. Either way, the mice are further evidence of Seletti’s skill at creating an unusual and artistic way to furnish lighting equipment.

The above is a further addition to the loveable range by Seletti. The Mouse Lamp, Lie Down Pink LED adds a wonderful rosy pink glow to the light, providing an extra warmth and charity of illumination. As ever, the Seletti mouse is in position, ready to shine a light just for you.

The new Banana Lamps – named Huey, Louie, and Dewey (named after Donald Duck’s cartoon nephews) – by Seletti are another fun way to light up the home in a new and different way. The lamps make a great addition to any surface in the home or office, and presented in a Seletti gift box they make a wonderful present. Acting as a real bridge between art and design, both the mice lamps, and the bananas provide high-end flair and thoughtful takes on the essential business of lighting up a space.

March 20th, 2018

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