Umbra Shift is a new development for its parent company Umbra. Focusing on innovation and originality in re-thinking new ways to style everyday items, the group have a roster of new and emerging designers keen to bring about dynamic change to household products. With  a concentration on contemporary design trends, the group is superbly placed to provide exciting products and stylish accessories for use in and around the home.

The ‘Shift’ of the collections name could be said to represent a move away from the formulaic, or understood properties of everyday items. Indeed, the company has  made great strides forward with the blending of new solutions to household tasks with a clean, modern, and energetic design model.

Here at Dotmaison, we have been suitably impressed with we have seen so far. Here are a few pointers to the kind of reliable functionality plus creative artistry that Umbra Shift specialise in.

The above Hoop Circular Magazine Rack is a great example of the original ideas that Umbra Shift are aiming to offer. Created from welded together metal fixtures, the unique style is brillaintly usreful around the home for storing magazines, papers, and books. Esay to set up, and perfectly portable, the magazine rack is ideal for use in offices, bedrooms, living rooms, and hall-ways to keep floors and desk space clutter free.

The Press Mirror from Umbra Shift is another great example of the group’s affinity for pushing recognisable household objects into new and interesting areas. The chrome coloured mirror of polished steel brings a futuristic look and shape to the home. Perfect for an eye-catching addition the the home, the mirror is ideal fro bedroom desks, or mantelpieces. An unusual take on a hand mirror, the item shows off a keen sense of how to do things differently, and to mesmerising effect.

The Roll Bottle Opener by Umbra Shift is a wonderful accessory for opening any kind of bottles, from beer to soft drinks. The new and unusual design fits in with the company’s focus on transforming the day to day objects we rely on, and here provides a unique look that will look exciting around the home. The brass opener is easy to store away, and yet, you might find that it is more suited to being displayed than hidden away!

March 30th, 2018

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