It sounds like the easiest job in the DIY book. Simply bang a nail into the wall and hang a picture off it. Simple? Well not always. Some pictures or paintings can be very heavy indeed and may require more than one fixing. Also no two walls ever seem to be alike. They range from the wavy and hard as concrete type, to the somewhat thin chipboard ones, which won’t hold even the most delicate of prints. And then there is the issue of trying to get the picture straight. It is enough to encourage most people to call in the builders!

But help is at hand. A few easily available tools and a little nohow and you will have a front room reminiscent of a gallery in no time.

Images: via Video Jug

  • Hold your picture to the wall and use a spirit level to ensure it is straight. Mark out the corners of the frame lightly with a pencil.
  • Stand back and check to see if the position is good. Try taping a piece of paper to the wall to see more clearly.
  • When happy, find the middle point of the top edge of the frame. Lay the picture down and pull the cord on the back up until it is taut, then measure the distance from the top of the picture to the top of the cord. Transfer this measurement to the wall.
  • If the picture is large, two fixings an equal distance apart might be required.
  • For plasterboard walls, drill a hole the same size as a wall plug. Place the wall plug into the hole and then add the screw. It should be solid.
  • Tacks and nails can be used on harder walls, but might need some brute strength.

Once the picture is in place, stand back and admire your handiwork!

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May 23rd, 2010

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