When the summer sun really starts to shine there’s lot of things to joy. Outside dining, taking trips to the park or the beach, and generally just making the most of the warmer weather. However, when it gets extremly humid it’s not always the most comfortable kind of weather to be around.

Thankfully there are some ways to combat the worst excesses of the summer sun in the home, and chief among them is sensible use of colour.

Bringing items designed in cooling colours can bring a level of relief to when its extremely hot. Here are some tips on how to use soothing colour palettes in the home.

The above Agate Cushion Cover by Calvin Klein provides a wonderful stony white look that’s ideal fro bringing a cooling effect to any room. Its modern pattern is influenced by the make up of the Agate rock, an item characterised by ity fine makeup and variety in colour.

This wonderful abstract design is also produced on a series of bedding, and brings a sense of looking into the agate itself, offering a calm, coolness.

Another cooling bedding option if offered by the Piscine Bedding by Descamps. Inspired by refreshing swimming baths and long cool showers, the blue and white checkered pattern is a coolness personified. ¬†With a luxurious and comforting feel provided thanks to the long fibre cotton satin and 280 thread count, the exquisite bedding is just the thing for a peaceful night’s sleep, even during the warmest of months.

Cooling down with a drink is many people’s first thought when it’s hot outside. The Bar Long Drink Glass 200ml Set of 4 from LSA provides long and slender glasses perfect for the refreshing drink of your choice. Made with thick secure bases, the hand blown glass brings a fantastic style and chic design to the home.

The glasses also come presented in neat gift box wrapping making them ready made for a stylish present. Great for the perfect route to cooling down.

A cooling effect for a warm drink might sound unusual, but many people hold that a hot tea can actually cool you down.

If this is the case, why not try it out in the beautifully designed Tulip Jewel Mug by Repat Repeat. Handmade from bone china, the mug features a repeating floral motif embossed on the body of the mug. Providing another charming and cooling look, the mug makes a fine addition to any kitchen or dining room.

June 27th, 2019

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