We save your carpets and couches with this great guide to removing red wine stains.


As soon as you can, gently blot (with a white cloth or kitchen paper towel) from the outside in so the stain doesn’t spread, and keep doing this until you have removed as much of the stain as possible.


Dab with a solution of warm water and the tiniest amount of gentle washing up liquid until the stain has gone. Be careful not to get upholstery or carpet too wet.


For really ingrained spills, if the soapy solution doesn’t do the trick, try applying a solution of equal measures water and white vinegar. Weigh down a little blanket of cloth

or towels soaked in either the vinegar or soapy water solution on top of the stain with some heavy books and leave to help draw out the stain.


Rinse with clean water to remove soap or vinegar residue and allow to dry thoroughly before vacuuming carpet or sitting on furniture

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August 18th, 2009

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