We all know that regular vacuuming, shaking and even the occasional beating is good for a rug. But what about those times when the children or even a wayward adult has knocked over a glass of something brightly coloured, or worse still, walked something nasty into the house?

The first thing to do is not to panic. Yes, this rug cost a fortune, but help is at hand. Turn the rug over and read the label. It might be the first time you have ever done this, but it should tell you the type of fibre and even cleaning instructions. These can be invaluable.

Never, never rub a rug! Scrubbing a spill will simply push it further into the pile of the rug and could turn a surface only stain into one which reaches the depths of the fibre. Use a paper towel or other absorbent cloth to soak up the stain. Or for something more solid, try a  knife to scrape up the worst of it.

Next use a rug cleaner which is recommended to be used on your type of fibre. Always read the label and always test in a small reasonably inconspicuous area first. Generally these cleaners will suggest spraying it on and carefully working it into the stain, blotting it as you go. Then leave to dry and vacuum.

Never over wet your rug when cleaning and if the stain just won’t budge then turn to the professionals. Most rugs can be taken to a dry-cleaners and they should be able to bring it back to life. Crisis averted!

March 12th, 2010

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