The key to rejuvenating a living room often lies in exactly how the place is furnished. By adding certain select designer items across the lounge area, it is possible to create a new look and feel without doing too much work. The skill comes in when choosing products that can bring an elegance and homely feel to the space, while also fitting in with the residents’ requirements. Thankfully, here at Dotmaison there are a variety of excellent available items that can do just that.

Coffee and side tables are a great start when attempting to add something new to a living room. The Elle Table from XL Boom brings a retro styled glamour and elegance ideal for a lounge room.  Combining aluminium legs primed in a strong copper colour with a crisp white enamel top, the table provides a distinctive cool to the home. Acting as a perfect accessory, the table is a beautiful way to re-energise a living room.


XL Boom has also produced the XLBXL table available in low or high versions. The XLBXL High Table (above) provides the height, while the XLBXL Low Table is able to fit under it making the ideal large coffee table. The tables arrive in black or white and are perfect for mixing and matching. Produced in durable wood with a sleek and smart appearance, these tables are a great solution for anyone looking for a new look for their living areas.

A fun and comfortable option for living room seating is offered by The Original Beanbag from Fatboy. The supremely cosy beanbag features state of the art elements to make premium comfort its main aim. It also looks strikingly cool with a wide variety of colours. The huge bag is easily mouldable allowing you to create whatever seating position works best for you. The bag certainly makes for a talking point when introduced into any living room, with its promise of premium relaxation a lovely option at any time.

A slightly more traditional form of comfort is possible with a designer cushion. Every sofa and chair always benefits from a comfortable and well made cushion, and the above Trevor 159 Cushion from Missoni Home might well be the one for you. The famous Missoni zig zag pattern is instantly recognisable, while the luxurious materials and production of the piece only add to its overall prestige. This is another item to add to the overall comfort and atmosphere of a living space.

August 23rd, 2018

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