Geometrical shapes such as octogans pentagons and hexagons might not mean a whole lot to those past school mathematics lessons. To conceptual designers however they can be extremely important and more than just homework. Mathieu Lehanneur has put some of these geometrical ideas into practise with his design for this intriguing Parisian cafe WikiBar.

The cafe is the first of a possible chain of venues selling the WikiPearl range of products. These are foods that have no need of extra conserving packaging, instead being protected by an edible skin. These are hi-tech foods that don’t melt or go off, which once makes the venue a far greener proposition than many.

Photography is by Michel Giesbrecht

All in all, the space is wonderfully innovative, and like the food design itself, is something a little different to experience. For more on the WikiBar and WikiPearl Foods, check out their site and the hexagon power!

July 24th, 2013

Posted In: Interior Design, Travel

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