If there was ever a time for remembering the past while also looking forward to the future, it’s got to be Christmas. The holiday season is a great time for recalling the best things in life and enjoying the important features associated with them. This rings true for the design world as well, with recent years seeing an even greater appreciation of past and retro stylings coming to the fore. Here at Dotmaison we love a bit of retro-ism, with such a wonderful collection of designs making use of past impressions and themes there is a lot to choose from!

Take a look at this classic kitchen clock from Wesco (above) for example. Frosted off white like a snowy 1960s Xmas card, the clock is housed within a high quality metal casing and is powered by battery. With an integrated timer installed, your cooking times will never be late again! The retro lovers in the kitchen are sure to be more than pleased with this essential and fantastically crafted little number…

Alternatively why not light up your festive meal with this show-stopping retro lamp by Koziol? A futuristic Xmas tree bauble which would not look out of place over the table at a glamorous Manhattan or Rive Gauche party in the early 1970s, the lamp is crafted from strengthened plastic and is sure to provide a compelling shine in any living space.
Inspired by the design work of 1950’s and 60’s Italian wine merchants, this classic wine rack from XL Boom allows you to display your wine and sherry in style.The Gavi comes in 2 colours, matt black and brass and holds 5 bottles of your favorite wine. The unique wine rack is sure to make a compelling statement wherever it is used.
Also from Wesco, the ruby red mulled wine coloured retro Spacy Tray  is just the thing to pamper your Xmas guests with your shaken, not stirred martinis and blinis- or even a perfect presentation for the king of retro nibbles- cheesy pineapple sticks. It offers the perfect route to a retro Christmas party and is just another fine example of the opportunities available for revisiting and repackaging the past in the finest detail.

December 12th, 2016

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