As a world, we waste millions of tonnes of plastic every year. Therefore it’s always heartening when it is recycled and put to good use. Not only are Phil Cuttance’s Weld Vases useful they are also astonishingly beautiful.  Created from discarded plastic collected from a London based fabricator, the vases show what is possible with a great design.  The vases are an extension of Cuttance’s work with welding developed in his Weld Furniture collection from 2009.

Available in three shapes and three colour combinations –  black with white welds, white with black welds and mixed – the vases are a perfect example of a simple idea executed wonderfully.

For more information on the work of Phil Cuttance please visit his website.

Dotmaison have a great range of vases available from such renowned designers as LSA, Versace, Rosenthal and many more.

January 30th, 2012

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