April is nearly here and that might well mean a fresh onslaught of unpopular weather – in this case, rain rather than the cold. It makes sense, then, to equip oneself with an umbrella. But what kind? Well, Portuguese design label Pelcor have a great stylish model made from recycled cork. Tough cork found all across Portugal is water-tight and can handle even the strongest of rain storms.

Making use of renewable cork, with no need to chop down trees for supplies, Pelcor’s design is both green and elegant. Perfectly natural and stylish, Pelcors’ design looks like a smooth way to keep the rain off.

And after all that activity your umbrella will certainly need somewhere to rest… so why not take a look at these convenient umbrella stands available from Dotmaison.¬†¬†Watch out for the rain!

March 29th, 2013

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