Designs for Small Spaces, by Jennifer Hudson, brings together over 500 cleverly-designed products that provide stylish and functional ways to make the most of a living environment with limited space.

Urban living is becoming increasingly crowded. Small space living is no longer a lifestyle choice but a necessity in most cosmopolitan cities around the world where property is expensive and at a premium. Renting or owning apartments, rather than houses, is now a reality for many people. The three groups primarily effected by this shift – the young, the divorced and separated, and older people outliving their partners – have very different housing, consumption and lifestyle requirements, but what they all share is the need for advice on how to make the most of what they have and the reassurance that downsizing or ‘going it alone’ need not lead to compromise.

This book aids Dotmaison readers to source suitable objects for his and her home. Each product featured is in production or available to order directly from the designer as a custom-made item. Full contact details are given of both the designer and the manufacturer and detailed measurements provided, enabling readers to make the most of even the smallest home.

The products are divided into six chapters which deal with furniture and objects that are ‘structural’ and impact tectonically on the fabric of the building itself; ‘compact’ versions of their full size counterparts; ‘flexible’ for easier storage, ‘illusory’ to give the appearance of space even when it doesn’t exist, ‘multifunctional’ to fulfil more than one task and ‘organisational’ to help rationalize existing possessions.

The main emphasis of the book is the reassurance that there is no need to compromise on great design when living in small spaces.

December 20th, 2010

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