Equipping the home with items to inspire and provoke thoughts and dreams is part of interior design done right. The image of bird flight is a powerful idea. Artists and thinkers have made use of the idea for as long as can be remembered. And for good reason, for when captured properly, it conjures up romantic feelings of freedom and mobility, and is a key way to bring these notions of movement and artistry into the home.

Bringing in furnishings that look to birds and avian activity in design offer a wonderfully romantic way to express a theme in a room. The following items are very different in production, but all share a focus on nature’s feathered travelers in the sky. Here are a selection of products all sharing in a bird-like theme.

The above Birds Snack Dishes, Set of 3 from Orla Kiely (above) are an energetic and fun capturing of the bird’s essential image. The dishes are great for providing convenient snacks for when guests are around, and benefit for the remarkably bright coloring on ceramic. The hummingbird, finch and dove dishes are just waiting to serve up nuts and nibbles as needed.

Orla Kiely also offers a bird pattern with the Set of 3 A6 Mini Notebooks. Decorated beautifully with a classic birds design, the notebooks are ideal for keeping organised. Great for keeping in your bag with a pen for noting down as needed, or at home on a work-space or desk. Always handy for staying on top of work, appointments and anything else that needs jotting down.

The bird theme also works brilliantly in the bedroom. The Highgrove Bedding from Ted Baker displays this remarkably, with an intricate design of hummingbirds whirring around a closely woven pattern of vines and leaves. The flowers and birds call to mind restful summer days and bright thoughts. Perfect for inspiring new ideas and fresh imagination. The bedding collection comprises pillowcases and various sizes of duvet covers.

The Marimba Bedding Cushion Covers from Olivier Desforges is wonderfully illustrated with a tropical sky and the parrots that circle around it. The striking colours and bright birds that fly around perch patiently make a delightful impact on any bedroom. The soft, comfortable and finely manufactured cushion covers are able to protect any cushion in style. With a 100% 200 thread count, the cotton covers are both imaginative and practical. They represent one more route to thoughts of bird-flight and the skies.

September 28th, 2018

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