Spending time in the kitchen can be a lovely way to while away a few hours. Whether you’re preparing your latest major feast or simply grabbing a quick snack before work, the kitchen can be a gateway to new tastes and experiences. An essential link to the smooth running of every kitchen are the tools that are employed around the space. Adding an extra element of designer style can make all the difference when going about culinary tasks in the kitchen and can bring a memorable slice of well-being to the fore. Colourful ideas in even the simplest of tools and utensils are a great way of maximising time in the kitchen, while also adding to the enjoyment of daily kitchen activity.
Take the Parrot Corkscrew by Alessi (above) for example. Bringing a bright twist to traditional corkscrews, the cast aluminium corkscrew has a foil cutter, corkscrew, ledge for leverage and a bottle cap opener. Factoring all of Alessi’s trademark colour and fun, the corkscrew is a wonderful way to instil a bit of excitement in even the most straightforward of kitchen jobs.


A favourite meal in many kitchens across the world is no doubt the pizza. While there are many different schools of thought on exactly how best to prepare the dough and ingredients (or indeed which ingredients to use) most will agree that the pizza will need to be sliced and served up. A stylish and eminently cool way of doing this could be with the pizza fork and cutter set by Guzzini. The lively design and striking colour of the set can brighten up the essential task of getting pizza to diner in the smoothest way possible. A lovely method of bringing a classic meal to the mouths of hungry diners!



And what better dish than salad to complement a pizza? The above salad server set by Laguiole is able to make that task easy enough and will add a touch of distinctive class to the dining table. Ideal for elegantly picking up salad and serving it perfectly on your plate. the dishwasher safe Salad Server is formed of 2 stainless steel utensils and is a great way of adding the perfect salad to your overall meal. Another fantastic way of bringing style to everyday kitchen life!


April 25th, 2017

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