The company Blomus has a long and impressive history as one of the world’s leading designer in smart and innovative products for the home. When it comes to looking for a stylish and intelligent option for making life easier, the group’s ideas are always a wise place to start. In the bathroom especially, this combination of practicality and efficiency blended seamlessly with attractive design allows a convenient use of their ideas.

Take the Ara Soap Dish (above) for example. Nothing could be more essential in the bathroom than a place to keep soap. This tray offers precisely that, with the stainless steel container providing a safe place free of bacteria and germs to hold everyday soap. The tray could also serves as a container for other small items, such as jewellery, in other rooms of the house.  Applying Blomus’ high standards to style and function, this is a good place to begin with kitting out the bathroom with a new look.



Blomus’ Ara Soap Dispenser also takes these ideas and puts them to work in a different context. The dispenser offers a pump action of providing liquid soap in the bathroom. Available in a variety of colours, this smart and elegant product is another example of Blomus’ insight into fine-tuned practical design.



The Ara Toothbrush Mug from Blomus is perfect for keeping your toothbrush safe and sanitary in the bathroom.  The mug – available in the full Ara range of colours – looks great simply sitting on a bathroom unit, sink or windowsill. When matched with the other items in the Ara collection it can bring a fresh look to any bathroom.

As a whole, the Ara collection is composed of Blomus’ attention to detail with a working minimalist aesthetic. The items are all produced according to the designer’s commitment to ease of use and smart angles and looks. All in all, they make a great addition to any bathroom and fall in line with what many interior designers would look for in terms of working essentials and attractiveness. A solid choice for freshening up the bathroom!




October 25th, 2017

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