A quality cushion can offer the finishing touch to an interior design. Providing comfort and cosiness to a space, the items also present the artfulness and expression of the designer. Colour, shape and distinct imagery all play a part in producing the most effective products, something that the above creation by Lipsy makes the most of. The Bright Peony Cushion shows off this approach in full, bringing the vividness of the Bright Peony Bedding Collection to the cushion format. Made of 100 % cotton and with a polyester filling, the multi coloured cushion is capable of providing a high impact energising look to any room of the house. This, alongside a luxurious feel and warmth , provides a great addition to the home.


Dotmaison is also pleased to present the ultra glamorous offerings of the Kylie at Home series. The cushions from this collection highlight exactly the kind of style and verve associated with the famous singer. The above Antonia Cushion is just one of the fantastic designs available and shows off the elegance and pure style of the collection. Simply put, this is a dedicated example of luxury cushion design, and is a beautiful way to add a cool new look to any part of the home.


Missoni are another company known for superlative designs of colour and energy. The Passiflora cushion (above) is a fantastic introduction to what they do best, namely exploring bright and lively textures and patterns and prints. The sparkling exoticism will help to create a wonderful atmosphere in the home, allowing a vivacious burst of colour and expression. The 100% cotton cushion is a great way to add a sophisticated touch of distinction to any room.


Marimekko produce stunning cushion covers that bring a bold use of pattern and colour to the table. The above Pieni Unikko Black Cushion Cover. Perfect for mixing and matching with the other covers from the range, the cover is a great example of the stunning designs the company is best known for. Great for sofas, chairs and beds, the cover’s iconic poppy design is brilliant for adding a unique look to any interior of the home. Try out these and other designs for a new and unique take on comfort, cozyness and style!



November 9th, 2017

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