If you’re out and about travelling and exercising, you’re going to want to stay hydrated. The best types of bottles and tumblers allow a secure and convenient dispensing of water on the move, bringing replenishment for busy and active lives.

Here at Dotmaison there is a wide variety of stylish water bottles and travel tumblers perfect for the task. Check out the following for attention grabbing, cool and smart designs focused on alleviating thirsty work!

The above Water Bottle, Multi Glitter by Kate Spade offers a glamourous take on the important business of quenching a thirst. With its glitter flecked sleeve covering a transparent glass bottle of 454ml, the item is perfectly designed for fashionable mobility.

Getaway adventures and weekend breaks are expertly summarised in the design for the Water Bottle, Monday Blink by Yes Studio. Offering a cool message of blink and you’ll miss it excitement on a background of mint green, the stainless steel bottle has a capacity of 500ml.

The designer label Kinto also has some excellent ideas on how to stay hydrated in a super smart and modern fashion. The above Day Off Tumbler, 500ml brings a durable and toughly produced outer shell available in a multitude of different colours.

The versatile drinks container is vacuum insulated, making hot and cold drinks equally welcome. A rounded handle make it easy to hold and manage as you move around, offering complete confidence for when out in the great outdoors.

Kinto’s Travel Tumbler is also available on Dotmaison now. Providing a wonderfully practical option for anyone in need of a flask-like portable container for when on the move, the Travel Tumbler holds up to 500ml of liquid in perfect security. A great combination of usability and style, the tumbler is available in a range of different colours so that you can find the style that really fits.

Another fun option from Yes Studio for staying cool and hydrated is the Water Bottle, I Did Not. Taking a Beyonce lyric as its starting point, the design is a wryly humourous look at the reality of keeping up a glowing and healthy appearance. The stainless steel bottle is coloured in a bright pink shade, with the text of the message strongly printed in black across its exterior.

Stay hydrated when out and about!

March 28th, 2019

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