Dotmaison are excited to to be able to showcase a range of exquisite Georg Jensen items. The recently added line displays the finery and elegance associated with the world famous Danish design house. Here is a brief history and background details of Georg Jensen – the master silversmith.

Born in Denmark in 1866, Georg Jensen gave up on his first career as a ceramicist and sculptor and retrained as a silversmith under the tutelage of the designer Mogens Ballin. In 1904, he put the small amount of savings he had into setting up a Copenhagen silversmithery.

From that point onward Jensen’s combination of creative disciplines and experience served him well, with international exposure fulfilled through an artistic and original take on design and production. Creating jewellery, cutlery and decorative works, Georg Jensen items are known for a rich detail and a unique innovation.

Above – Georg Jensen Bloom Serving Spoons

As well as having a beautifully imaginative range of ideas collected within the Jensen range, there is also a pragmatism and practicality ensconced within the work. Contemporary usefulness married to an elegant beauty and charm earned him a strongly flourishing reputation.

The legendary American media mogul William Randolph Hearst also had a significant impact on Jensen’s career, when he purchased the silversmith’s entire catalogue. After that memorable bolstering to the business, Jensen was guaranteed a huge global market.

Above – the Cobra Bowl, Small by Georg Jensen

Jensen was also free to experiment and benefit from key long term creative collaborations. Artists such as Johan Rohde, Harold Nielsen and Count Sigvard Bernadotte all informed and brought new textures and influences upon the Jensen model. The emphasis has always been on beautiful shapes and clean lines creating a pleasing outlook, whether in exhibition or in the home. Right up until his death in 1935, Georg Jensen was always looking for new ideas and new methods to further combine beauty and practicality.

New thinking and creative methods continued working within the Jensen brand after 1935, and today the company is still on a creative mission to inspire, enrich and captivate.

Above – Bloom Tall Bowl by Georg Jensen at Dotmaison

Take a look at these  examples of the Georg Jensen style for further evidence of the company’s dedication to practicality and cultured finesse. We feel that they are perfect for bringing a calming sense of peaceful beauty and well designed resourcefulness to the busiest areas of the home!

July 17th, 2018

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