How and why things work are fundamental questions for scientists, engineers and designers, of all ages and cultures. For Tom Cecil, the designer of an impressive series of innovative furniture items, these questions are at the heart of everything he does.

Beginning his career as a mechanical engineer, Cecil soon moved over into product and furniture design – an area that makes perfect use of his former experience. The intricate planning of engineering is ably realised in products such as the dowel table (above), which incorporates a 60ft block of american maple dowel and processes it down to 40cm high table.

The above series, titled ‘Random Number Furniture’, takes its name from the fact that Cecil challenged himself to form a group of furniture items from a single piece of plywood and randomly generated dimensions. The result is a surprising and pleasing set of beautifully carved and artfully conceived pieces, going to show that some of the best things in life are random!

For more on Tom Cecil check out his website.

May 25th, 2012

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