Autumn has now officially started, and for many of us that brings with it the appreciation  of the harvesting of new ideas, new tastes and new flavours. In an agricultural sense, this usually means the collection of fruit,vegetables and corn, but the energetic and creative activity can also apply to new ideas at home. Innovative ways to keep fruit in place is often a fine way to show off artistic tastes and style. Items such as the striking Open Grid Fruit Basket from Present Time (above) are able to bring a resolutely classy look to a living area. After all fruit, just like art and design, is vital to our very well-being!


The designers at Alessi always seem to have a finely attuned eye for the energetic and the resourceful. The team’s pop orange Girotondo fruit bowl is certainly something to keep all your fruit items happy. The cute cartoon figures are a true icon in the Alessi stable, and help to produce a friendly and joyful type of design. The stainless steel bowl is perfect for making a big impression around the home, and it shows off once again just why Alessi’s blend of pop-culture and practicality  is so popular.


Another dish that’s just great for storing fruit is this Tangle Dish by Stelton. With its luxurious take on modernist design and compelling curves and turns, this dish brings a truly classy look to the lounge. A coffee table topped off by the dish could help to provide an artistic and truly intriguing look to a room.



Here at Dotmaison we never like to be too far away from the art and getting in touch with the classics. That’s definitely the case with this lovingly created minipresso cup by Kontiz. Displaying Paul Cézanne’s famous Kettle, Glass and Plate with Fruit artwork, the premium quality porcelain cup is sure to make an impact on friends and guests. Why not offer it as a gift to a fan of the post-impressionist painter? They could enjoy a coffee along with their fruit!

September 23rd, 2016

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