When thinking of classic New York style, one can’t help but call to mind the delights of the deli. Bringing a taste of the Big Apple to the exciting Berlin cafe and restaurant scene is Mogg and Melzer. Pastrami on rye bread, grilled sandwiches, salad and daily specials are all served up alongside the most important ingredient – fresh hot coffee.

The decor inside is reminiscent of American 1930’s diners combining with modern European design and fabrics for a relaxed, cool effect. Located in a former Jewish girl’s school, the deli is the brainchild of owners Paul Mogg and Oscar Melzer, who along with native New York chef Joey Passarella have created an eye catching addition to the German capital.

The diner is open all week and looks well worth checking out when travelling in Berlin and in need of a hunger fix!

For more info on Mogg & Melzer check out their site.

October 29th, 2012

Posted In: Food and Drink, Interior Design

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