Here at Dotmaison we like to get organised around the home with anything and everything, but in particular we love things that are able to transform spaces into visual works ideal for viewing and appreciating. Displaying art and photographs clearly falls into that category, which is why today we are going to take a special look at designer photo and picture frames.

The Acrylic Magnetic Photo Frames from XL Boom (above) are brilliant for showing off photos to their best. The acrylic magnetic strip technology at the heart of the frame’s organising process means that no cropping or trimming of photos is necessary. Simply pull one magnetic side away from the other and place the photos inside to smartly display your snaps. Available in a wide variety of sizes, the photo frames make ideal gifts for camera loving friends and family.

The Illustrate Square Frame from by Lassen represents a smart and cool method of photo and art display. The minimalist frame features seamlessly clear lines and borders and has been crafted from lacquered aluminium to present a clean, modernist appearance. Available in two different sizes and colours, the frame is capable of bringing a trendy Scandinavian style look to interiors and home-spaces.


As it’s Christmas time and the holidays are officially on, there is bound to be a considerable amount of photo taking. Whether at parties, dinners or on the day itself, snaps will be certainly be taken and enjoyed. But rather than just having them stored digitally or emailed around, why not get a hard copy printed out and display in one of the wonderful Prisma Photo Frames by Umbra? These frames make use an ingenious style of background wires to give a unique look. Available in copper and brass and different sized frames, these are frames designed to impress.


Anyone looking to showcase a prized image or work of art would be delighted with this beautifully finished Slim Photo Frame, Gold by Present Time. Available in two large sizes, the frame offers a stylish and elegant way to present photographs and paintings. The smart frame provides a beautiful way to arrange and organise work around the home, providing a fantastic gallery style look to the living areas of your home.


December 22nd, 2017

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