Our sense of smell is often undervalued. Most people would probably list it as the sense they would be most likely to not miss, yet it has all kinds of importance in various aspects of life. Memory and emotion both have a close relationship with smells and scents that neuroscientists and psychologists are only just beginning to touch upon. The sense is tremendously sensitive and has a mystery about it capable of bringing out a variety of benefits. It has tremendous value in the home as well, with the potential to create a warming feeling of place and comfort. The right fragrances bring about a feeling of positivity and well-being, with the impact of careful perfumery a large factor in deciding just how welcoming a home can really be.

With this in mind, Dotmaison would like to take a closer look at just a few of the latest ideas we have in stock making the most of these ideas…




Kylie at Home has just released a stunning new series of fragrance named the Dark Noir Fragrance Collection. Featuring daring notes of spiced wood, pepper and pomegranate, the candles and diffusers are capable of making a big impact in living spaces. Intimate gatherings can be hightened through the use of these delicately attuned items, with a dedication to optimising the most alluring and resonant of scent and tone.  Selected by Kylie Minogue for a warm and unique take on home incense, the items are beautifully presented in a smart and sleek gift box.



The Earl Gray Fragrace Collection from Orla Kiely is built around a desire to project a healing relaxation around the home. Based on the refreshing essence of Earl Gray tea with hints of orange, bergamot and sage, the scented candle and diffuser are ideal for anyone looking for a little more of a soothing sense around the home. Beautifully package in the tradrmark Orla Kiely modernist patterns, the items make attractive and memorable gifts for friends and family.



Ted Baker’s recently released line of residence candles and diffusers take inspiration from various world locations. Amongst the city’s involved in the collection is Florida’s sun-soaked hive of glamour and entertainment Miami. Other city’s also include London, Athens and Tokyo (top of post). The Miami reed diffuser (above), influenced by the balmy beauty of the Florida Keys,  captures the beautifully relaxed vibe  of the place with an infusion of perfectly judged passion fruit and star apple. Avaible as a textured vase with reeds or as a scented candle, this is a sure route to a glorious smelling home.




January 19th, 2017

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