Photo © Ikunori Yamamoto

Satoshi Itasaka’s wonderful Balloon Bench, a sculpture piece that combines a superb design aesthetic with all the elements of art installation, was inspired by the award-winning 1953 French film Le Ballon Rouge. This famous short film’s lead character is a helium-filled red balloon seemingly blessed with a mind of its own.  The balloon befriends a young boy named Pascal, who in his time with the balloon experiences a sense of floating and freedom quite unlike anything else he has ever known. As a charming film imbued with magic it has many fans, and it is this sense of fantasy and weightlessness that Satoshi was striving to capture in his creation.

Photo © Ikunori Yamamoto

The Balloon Bench gives the illusion that it is being suspended in mid-air by four red balloons. This visual trickery is, of course, at the heart of its intrigue and its success as an artistic design. The reality of the piece is that the bench was held in place from the ceiling by four anchors concealed in the shapes of the balloon bundles themselves. This successful display of wonder and mystery is currently at Gallery Somewhere in Tokyo, Japan. For more information about Satoshi Itasaka’s other work please visit his website.

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June 30th, 2011

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