We all happen to know someone who just has to have the latest styles and most up to date products in and around their home. But often what the true connoisseur desires is not so much novelty and exclusivity, rather an appreciation of fundamental design classics. Christmas means many different things to everyone, but what is certain is that it provides a perfect time to discuss and explore new ideas in art and design. The presentation of a gift, for example, could be the beginning of another chapter in the design lover’s creative story. All in all, the essentials in a design classic can be summed up in the following. A perfect gift should be unique, striking and/or timeless. Let’s take a look at what we currently have in store here at Dotmaison!


As far as design classics go, it’s always desirable to be unique. This is of course not an easy thing to achieve, with originality becoming more difficult to approach as styles become more developed and accessible. However, one design house with a distinct and original style is certainly Alessi. Their kitchen and dining room items are beloved for their originality and effectiveness and are above all else, instantly recognisable. Present your design loving friend with an Alessi Corkscrew and they will understand the point straight away!


Everyone who knows their way around the design world knows the importance of creating an impression. One sure fire way to do this is in the use of a striking design. It doesn’t come much more striking than a star, and as this gorgeous display of wallstickers by Ferm Living shows, you can deck out a room in maximum finish both easily and effectively.  Styled and crafted from vinyl, the stickers can be affixed to any dry flat surface. Supplied on an A4 sheet, the stickers are able to transform a room in no time.  Friends who love an eye-catching design are sure to agree.



A pure classic item ideal for both the holiday season and well beyond is this Classico Bowl from Leonardo. Available in red and white combination, the bowl has been created from mouth blown glass and is perfect for teaming up with other items in the Leonardo range. Candles are beautifully housed within the wonderful curvature of the bowl, and the whole product generally reveals a love of finery and the art of design. The handmade bowl is sure to appeal to those friends and acquaintances of yours who know the true value of timeless design.

Happy Christmas!

December 9th, 2016

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