Ideas about how best to enhance interior walls have been rapidly changing in recent years. Whereas once a simple paint job was preferred to anything too creative and design led, there is now a greater impetus on individual and unique expression. This can take many different forms with the application of wall art, wallpaper and drapes and cushion able to imbue a room with a distinctive and exciting quality. Indeed, as a way to make a home truly your own, using some of these materials could be a vital step. Take a look at the current items available at Dotmaison for a different way to bring an artistic sensibility to the home…

Take the above Pixel Girl with a Pearl Earring Wall Art for example. Produced by IXXI, the stunning piece allows easy customisation and simple preparation. Made on a high quality synthetic paper, the waterproof and UV resistant art cards will add a dynamic and original look to any room.


Wallpaper is also able to serve an important function in detailing a different kind of approach in interior design. This wonderfully illuminated Flower Field Extra Wide Wallpaper by Bluebellgrey provides exactly the kind of brightness and floral display that many homes are simply crying out for. The matt coated paper is of a premium finish, lending it an unmissable look of beauty and elegance.

Ferm living wallpaper

Another wallpaper design of an altogether different type is provided by the Lines Wallpaper by Ferm Living. This art deco inspired item could transform the look and feel of literally any room in the house. Simple to place and hang, the classic elegance of the piece is something  that art lovers will find truly inspiring. Perfect for a modern and precise appearance.


And if you happen to be feeling extra creative, the answer may well come from the fabric itself. The Oval Flower Fabric in cool grey from Orla Kiely is something that could be used for curtains, drapes and soft furnishings. Woven in 100% cotton the above is just one of many of the delightful Orla Kiely designs available from Dotmaison now. So why not find a pattern you love and set about transforming the home!




June 2nd, 2017

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