Here at Dotmaison we love to engage with the outside world and nature as much as possible. The knowledge that the great outdoors informs and influences our domestic life is integral to relaxing and enjoying the whole of the home space. Making the most of gardens, balconies and window-boxes can go a long way to fulfilling an experience of the outside natural world in the home. Bird feeding, literally the act of feeding wild birds, has a long history as a pastime and as a way to link in with nature, either through throwing seeds and food outside or by using bird-feeders.


The design company Eva Solo clearly know a thing or two about this recreational pursuit as they have just brought out some innovative new items expressly created for the love of feeding the birds. The bird feeder (above) is a lovely piece of kit for transforming the garden into a treasure trove for wild birds. Matching style with minimal design, the feeders have been produced from mouth-blown glass. They can be easily attached to a branch or under an over-hanging frame. The clear spherical feeder trays let you – and the birds – know exactly how much food there is left, meaning they need never go hungry!



Eva Solo’s set of 2 mini bird-feeders  also feature the exquisitely produced mouth-blown glass and effective simplicity that sets them apart from many standard bird feeders. Ideal for attracting smaller birds, the effectively designed pieces can be easily cleaned prior to refilling and can hang comfortably from a tree branch or architectural structure.


The Window Bird Feeder is also made from glass and is perfect for a close look at your feathered friends. The feeder can be secured to your window with just a bit of double-sided tape. The feeder can hold up to 90ml of bird food so after filling up with the bird’s favourite seeds and nuts, you can witness the natural world in action on your window sill.



The final piece in Eva Solo’s commitment to bird feeding is the nesting box. Perfect all year round, the delightfully produced nesting box creates a tranquil hub for small birds to obtain a quick snack. The box can be fixed securely to a tree with the bracket provided and is easy to clean with a damp cloth. This plus the rest of the company’s range of bird feeding ideas can bring an extra bit of wild colour, sound and activity to your outdoor space.

August 22nd, 2017

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