With the first of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy hitting cinemas this week, the film loving public can expect plenty of exotic sights to be beamed around the popular conciousness in the days and weeks to come. While dwarves, halflings, elves and dragons are exciting enough, the true star of the films will undoubtedly be the epic New Zealand landscape, where the movies (and their predecessors, The Lord of the Rings series) were filmed.

This beach house designed by Herbst Architects is certainly worthy of a flight of fantasy. Situated near Auckland, the two storey house is shielded from the outside world by a bank of resplendent trees.The prominent featuring of laminated wood in the living areas of the house purposely brings the wild inside.

For hobbits or wizards looking to relax after a hard time adventuring, this could be the ideal place!

For more on the Pohutukawa Beach House check out Herbst Architects site.

December 14th, 2012

Posted In: Architecture

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