At Dotmaison, we’re huge fans of interesting design concepts like this fantastic monochrome sugar cube-esque office block! Graz-based design collective Splitterwerk, designed The Frog Queen as a headquarters building for Prisma Engineering also based in Graz, Austria. It was completed in 2007 for the machine and motor technology company. The brief was to design a space suitable for the company’s research and development programs, while allowing for a presentation space. In addition, the building needed to be both secure and private due to the nature of the work being completed within.

Photo © Nikolaos Zachariadis, SPLITTERWERK

The building is essentially a cube covered with powder-coated aluminium square panels in different grey hues allowing the building to almost sink into the background. The outer skin was designed to alter perceptions of volume and texture as the viewer approaches.

Once close the viewer can see that the panels are in fact screen printed with abstract flowers or gears/cogs, depending on the interpretation. The appearance is that of a black and white pixelated photograph, although the image is difficult to determine.

The interior attempts to bring the outside inside with wallpaper reflecting the lush green and wooded areas of the Eastern Styrian landscape. The office areas are decorated with these images, while the open spaces are brushed aluminium and modernism.

The office building has so far won the creative: graz award in 2008 in the Architecture category, the second prize in the Offices category at the contractworld awards 2009 and has been named in the short list for the World Architecture Festival 2008, also in the Offices category.

August 27th, 2010

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