The best in Nordic and Scandinavian design houses are known for their ability to cultivate a sense of timeless style and practical elegance in the home. Zone Denmark are certainly one of those companies currently pushing the potential for home products that offer a resourceful dimension of beauty, convenience and reliability. With an emphasis on soft curves and minimalist design, the company aims to bring a strongly realised form of functionality to the home. Have a look at the following and we’re sure you’ll agree that the designers have succeeded in their ambition for providing inspired takes on household essentials…


Central to the themes of convenience and reliability is a keen sense of quality. The busy area of the kitchen is built around such goals, and as such the company’s Dry Art Chaos Tea Towel ticks all the boxes. Featuring an impressive modernist design, the tea towel has been created from 100% Indian cotton and have a fantastic ability to dry quickly – a much needed boost for hard working kitchens. Available in four different colours, the tea towel makes a great addition to everyday kitchen essentials.


This ability to match modern design and practical usability also transfers into the bathroom. The classic bath towel from Zone Denmark brings a fine presentation of soft thick cotton to the bathroom, with a real sense of luxury offered by the warm, high quality material. The fluffy full size bath towel represents a fine treat for those who like to wash and relax in fine style.




The Grace Toothbrush Mug provides a perfect home for your hard working teeth cleaner. Part of Zone Denmark’s Grace series of bathroom essentials (above), the collection also features a beautifully designed and created soap dispenser, toilet brush and dish and jar. Adding any of these items to the bathroom will allow access to a transformed sense of elegance, style and beauty.


The Nova series is another range from the company devoted to showing off household essential items in their very best light. Amongst these is the Nova Soap Dispenser (above, in cactus green).¬†With a light and simple look the Soap Dispenser is soft and elegant but with a strongly developed functionality. Easy to grip porcelain and a smooth system of dispensing make this a soap dispenser wholly ready for regular and frequent use. As another example of the type of stylish home items that Zone Denmark produce so well, it conveys the company’s ideas on straightforward, effective design remarkably well.

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March 28th, 2017

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